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"Suspicious White Powder" Forces School Evacuations

Schools in a number of states across the country were evacuated on March 7 when they received envelopes containing an unknown white powder. According to various news reports, the cases were referred to the FBI, and no injuries or illnesses resulted from the incidents.

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WCVB, a Boston-area TV station, indicated that “An unidentified law enforcement official said the envelopes contained a letter referring to al-Qaida and the FBI, and described the white powder as having the look and consistency of cornstarch.”

Here are some articles from around the country on this breaking news story:

Powder found at Milford school not hazardous
A letter containing an unknown powder was delivered to a school in Milford, Massachusetts Tuesday. The powder was tested – and found to be safe – by the state's crime lab.

Schools in five New England states receive suspicious envelopes
Schools in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island all received envelopes containing an unidentified powder. No injuries or illnesses were reported.

Suspicious envelopes sent to four North Texas Schools
According to KPRC in Houston, suspicious envelopes were also sent to Texas Instruments in Dallas, a gallery in New York City, a bank building in Alabama and a restaurant in Washington, D.C. The TV station also reported through its Web site that “It's believed these letters could be linked to a hoax that started in 2008.”

More white powder letters opened, postmarked in Texas
Texas is not only home to schools that received envelopes containing an unknown powder. The state is also the postmark location for letters sent around the country.

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Join the discussion about these incidents on our educator community.


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