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Free Resource Aligns K-5 Math Activities with Common Core

A newly published free resource from Responsive Classroom supports elementary teachers’ efforts to address Common Core standards and practices in math using the fun activities in its award-winning book Doing Math in Morning Meeting: 150 Quick Activities that Connect to Your Curriculum.

Common CoreEach activity in Doing Math in Morning Meeting (originally published in 2010) correlates with one or more of the Common Core K-5 standards and practices for mathematics, which emphasize critical thinking and collaborative learning. The new downloadable reference guide shows these correlations. For each grade, K−5, the guide is divided into three parts for ease of use:

  • by Activity, showing which Common Core standards and practices each activity can help address
  • by Common Core Practice, showing which activities can be used to help address particular practices
  • by Common Core Standard, showing which activities can be used to help address particular standards

According to the book’s co-author Margaret Berry Wilson, “We packed every activity with learning opportunities as well as making them fun, engaging, and community-building. The way the new guide shows alignments with the Common Core is going to help a lot of teachers, and I’m excited that it will also help them get even more use out of a book they may already own.”

Doing Math in Morning Meeting is one of the most popular Responsive Classroom books. It received a Distinguished Achievement Awardfrom the Association of Educational Publishers and a bronze “IPPY” from Independent Publisher.

About Northeast Foundation for Children and the Responsive Classroom approach

The Responsive Classroom approach, used in schools across the country, has been recognized by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as one of 23 effective social-emotional learning programs.

Northeast Foundation for Children offers Responsive Classroom on-site consulting services to schools and districts, workshops and institutes for educators in locations around the country, and numerous books, videos, and other resources for teachers and administrators.


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