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Common Core Supporter: The More Parents Know, the More They'll Like

In the latest series of letters between two award-winning educators from opposite ends of both the East Coast and the Common Core debate, supporter and 2015 National Principal of the Year Jayne Ellspermann insists that if parents knew more about the Common Core, they would like it.

Number of Students Interested in Being Educators Continues to Decline

Only five percent of almost 2 million U.S. high school students said they wanted to pursue careers as educators on the 2014 ACT tests, according to a new report.

Opinion: Youth Football Will Fade in Popularity

Blogger Douglas W. Green, EdD highlights why contact violence in spectators sports at the K-12 level is too risky, and will soon fade as concerns over health issues, specifically harm to the brain, increase.

Calif. Bill to Tackle 'Personal Belief' Vaccine Exemption Approaches Crucial Vote

In California, a committee vote will decide on an amended bill that will mostly prevent unvaccinated children from being enrolled in private and public schools in an attempt to tackle the state's personal belief exemption for vaccines.

Why an Effective Problem Solving Curriculum Exceeds Standardized Testing

As techniques for teaching students in grade K-12 continue to appear all over the internet, it does lead parents to wonder if students learn enough problem solving in K-12 to prepare them for higher education.

Expert Speaks About America's Need for Change in Education System

In an interview with The Washington Post, Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in education for over 40 years, discusses his new book,"Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Changing Education" and his belief that America's education system needs to move away from standardization and towards creative license in the classroom.

More States Offering Diploma Seals for Biliteracy

Last week, Indiana passed a bill that will make it in the ninth state to offer a seal on its high school diplomas for students who "attained a high level of proficiency in one or more languages in addition to English.