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Principal Poet: Wearing Costumes to School

Ivan Kershner, known to students and colleagues alike as Mr. Ivan, has been writing poetry for more than 40 years. With titles such as 'Wearing Costumes to School,' 'A Bad Report Card,' and 'The Week Before Spring Break,' Mr. Ivan's poems should ring familiar to all educators.

Video Roundup: Halloween Movies For Students

October is the perfect time to show videos that are a little spooky. EducationWorld has curated a list of videos and saved you time by recommended grade levels and providing descriptions of each selection.

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Great Games for Halloween

Cut out from heavy paper a number of small pumpkin and ghost shapes. On a sheet of poster board draw a tic-tac-toe grid. Invite children to...

Halloween Alternatives: Schools Get Creative

Once teachers and parents let time-honored traditions go, they often find that Halloween alternatives can be engaging and educational.

Unbelievable School Decisions: Student Cage Match

A Texas school pitted students against each other in cage fights.

Shocking Student Punishments

We've compiled five shocking stories of school punishments that have raised eyebrows in the educator community.