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Share this with parents and guardians to help curb summer reading loss!
With a new school year fast approaching, the debate over homework is back on the minds of parents and teachers.
GOP House members are not on board with Trump's school choice plans, though they're still proposing significant budget cuts.
The end of the school year is a complex mix of emotions for an educator.
Newsela wants to replace your classroom's textbooks.
The "adultification" of black girls is having a negative impact and robbing them of childhood, according to a new study.
Rural schools face unique challenges when it comes to equipping each student and teacher with a tablet or notebook.
Education World shares the "teacher's conundrum" around the emergence of restorative practices in our schools.
Teachers are finding success incorporating the arts into traditionally non-art oriented subjects.
Advocates of school choice secured a major win this week with the Supreme Court's ruling on two cases.
Google Earth's Voyager provides a lot of potential for educators, with curated virtual tours of cities, monuments, and Earth's wonders.
Mentors not only help the transition for new teachers, but provide a boost for students as well, according to a new study.
Kids around the country are participating in STEM-focused camps doing everything from robotics to 3D printing.
Traveling this summer? Check out these cool schools and cool treats!
The key to keeping the opioid crisis out of schools is talking about it, and talking about it early.