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A great resource for getting students excited about fall with topical activities.
In order to successfully teach students computer science, one person believes math comes first.
Even though America's science classrooms may boast modern technology, many are struggling to fund basic supplies.
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Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg are two tech giants who are looking to become advocates for K-12 computer science education.
A new tool is helping schools stay organized when it comes to digital policies and practices.
Students taught educators social media at a recent conference to positive results.
Sesame Workshop, the non-profit that produces Sesame Street, and IBM are partnering to produce new personalized learning material for children in...
Research from Michigan State University has found that one-to-one initiatives, or programs that provide every student with their own device, benefits...
Education World helps you organize your classroom with some of these free apps from around the web!
Does your school have dated tech, but a limited budget? You might want to read this.
Many parents are requesting easier solutions for school payment obligations. Enter SKOOKii.
This literacy tool aims to provide learners of all reading levels, from all economic backgrounds with the skills needed to be successful readers.
Education World catches up with Newsela's Chief Content Officer, Jenny Coogan, on the new exciting updates!