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Explore some tech tools you may just want to add to your classroom this year.
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  In January, I talked with world leaders from India, England, Finland, and Europe about their goals to improve education. Each had a...
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By Jeffrey Beard Howard Gardner’s “Good Project” is aimed at identifying individuals and institutions that “exemplify good work – work...
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I finally found the tool I have been looking for when it comes to having students create Total Talent Portfolios.  Total Talent Portfolios,...
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China was covered in NYS 6th grade social studies. I covered China around the Chinese New Year each year and planned our trip to a chinese ...
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Thought I'd share two news stories which might be of interest to use in the classroom in the beginning of the class period or at the end of the class...
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    The Tech Educator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology.  For...
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As a classroom teacher, you probably know the feeling. You have that student in class that finishes his or her work early, asks lots of questions,...