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Teachers Want Common Core Training, Survey Finds
A recent survey finds that teachers demand more Common Core training and they especially want more PD related to the actual content of the standards and integration of the standards across subjects.
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Note: The following blog is the first of a three part series on my adventures in launching a schoolwide enrichment cluster program.  ...
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By Erik Bean, Ed.D. Grading can often seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. Yet, there are numerous ways to curtail the seemingly...
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  As the story goes, when Einstein was a boy, his father gave him a compass. The future scientist was fascinated with the way the iron needle...
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Chewing Gum Facts! Need an activity for a Friday or a substitute? Have small groups read over some of the facts about chewing gum.  Have...
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I was watching a recent episode of The Middle (If you haven't watched the show, I'd recommend it!). Their daughter, Sue,a senior, was very excited...
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In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, discovering America for me and you. We have all heard this little poem. First of all, he didn't "discover"...
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    As of this writing, I have a student who just loves to learn. She soaks up new knowledge and skills like a sponge. Though I only...
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 WOULD YOU LIKE A STAND-UP DESK?  Do you like to sit in a chair at a desk at school? Some schools are testing a new type of desk...minus...
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  Type3s - Part 3 In the last two posts, I explained how to engage students through Type 3 enrichment projects. In this blog, I want...
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  Last blog, I discussed the key elements of an authentic Type 3 project. First, the student has to solve a real problem. There is lots of...