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The Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, Carmen Fariña, recently visited two charter schools in the city that use longer classroom hours to improve learning and dismissed the practice.
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  C. M. Rubin's global education report In August, global collaboration and cooperation was a recurrent theme in The Global...
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  A new school year is beginning. My view is that teachers need to always have kids on task! Checking homework in the beginning of class,...
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  It's back to school time! In an effort to help their children and their schools succeed in the next academic year, millions of parents...
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"Over the years, we decentralized governance and finances, increased teacher autonomy and opened education paths for students. Now teachers...
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  As a teacher of the gifted for many years, I’ve seen gifted kids stress out. I remember the time a student began crying and screaming,...
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I will often say that the most defining part of my collegiate experience was the time I spent in the basement of Newcomb Hall at the University...