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More and more educators are using social media to engage with their school community: posting projects, reminders, and classroom celebrations.
These hands-on activities feature low-cost materials and maximum fun! Keep kids busy all summer long.
How can you keep students engaged until the very last day of class? Here is a list of creative ideas to try.
Travel and learn with Kate and her younger brother, Matt, as they explore the U.S. -- on the Internet! Visit Web sites connected to popular...
Every-Day Edits: Wisconsin
Every-Day Edits: Dr. Sally Ride
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As summer approaches and children will be out of school, what are fun things we can encourage our families to do?
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In our efforts to make learning gains and boost test scores, we have narrowed our view of learning and understanding, and thus, severely restricted...
The technology is improving. Could it render the classroom teacher obsolete?
Engaging students – especially at the end of the year when attention wanes, or the start of the year when teachers want to get a class off on the...
Being too generous with your time and energy hurts you and your students. How can you tell if you give too much?
Education World takes a closer look at some of TV’s most loved teachers, and measures them against the Rubric for Effective Teaching and the teacher...
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Flag Day (June 14th) is a day to honor the flag of the United States. Use these Flag Facts with your students!
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We must advocate for more developmentally appropriate practices, play curriculum, teaching on their developmental level and differentiating for all...
Remembering Those Who Gave Their Lives: Lessons for Memorial Day