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More and more educators are using social media to engage with their school community: posting projects, reminders, and classroom celebrations.
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Why did you become a teacher? To teach the curriculum? I would guess, no!
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As teachers, we know that student writing and reading are intrinsically linked. Sometimes, all it takes to bring out their inner writer is the right...
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What did you say or write? What images did your simile draw upon? Do you view gifted students as “shining star,” “shooting rockets,” or...
I’m waging a war on the word “opinion” in the classroom.
This is going to be a divisive one.  And for good reason.  But I want to talk about tracking in schools.  
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I think this might be one of the least discussed, possibly most important, aspect of teacher preparation: learning to pace yourself on the job.
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Fairy tales are one of the greatest teaching tools. Not only are they entertaining but they can be used to teach the narrative writing genre.
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During their prep years, teachers learn to ensure that assessment appropriately aligns with learning objectives. But just how do we make an assessment...
Maybe it’s the change in the seasons. Maybe it’s the change in the semester. But for some reason, January and February tend to bring out the...
This is the soundtrack to your day.
Humanity has shown what we can do; it is now time to consider what we should do.
I've made some serious mistakes. It’s one of the most frustratingly wonderful things about being a teacher.